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Last Updated : 17 October 2007

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Dr.Smita Lulla  MBBS, M.D, .D.G.O. (Gold Medallist),
Consultant Obstetrician & gynecologist at Qurum Clinic, Muscat since 20 years. Have had advanced training in U.K. in Obstetric & Gynecological Ultrasonography & Infertility.
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Hi Doctor,I got married in August 2006 and I have had a miscarriage on the 6th week of pregnancy last year. After that we tried for last 7 months and when we were not able to conceive consuklted a doctor. We had many tests everything was normal. However, doctor has advised me to takle prolifen (clomiphene citrate 50 mg) for 5 days from D3 - D7 of my period. Please let us know if it is ok to take??

Answer: Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. You can use prolifen. It will help you to ovulate. Also discuss with your gynec. regarding giving you medication to prevent another miscarriage.


Hello doctor!I've been having irregular menstruation for a long time now. My gynecologist asked me to get the blood tests done after taking deviry twice a day for 5 days.Would it be fine if i get the tests done on any day of my period?Or it is mandatory to get them done on the 2nd day of d period..?

Answer: Do you have PCO ( polycystic ovaries ) ? This is associated with irregular periods and infrequent ovulation. if you have been asked to do FSH and LH , you should do them on day 2 or 3 of the period.


Hello DR, I have being taking ikaclomin for the last 3 cycle.2 days after my last cycle i notice brownish discharge like spotting.I have a regualr period and i have being trying to get pregnant.I have gone for a scan and it shows i have fibroid but my fallopian tube is okay.I will like to know what is wrong with me.I'm i reacting to the drug?aclomin.

Answer: A scan will not show whether the tubes are normal, unless a dye or saline had been injected at the same time. You do not have to worry about the fibroid if it is small. Regarding the spotting, during what day of the cycle was it ? Or was it a scanty period ?


Hello docter, I am having my periods irregular since 4-5 year.When i am take medicine it goes regular.i am not taking the medicine it remains irregular could i conceive with this irregular period

Answer: Do you have PCO ( polycystic ovaries ) ? This is associated with irregular periods and infrequent ovulation.Do FSH and LH , on day 2 or 3 of the period. Also, do a scan on day 13 of the period. If you are ovulating, you should conceive.


Hellow, my name is mohamed lemine from mauritania , I have the sister of my friend who did not has a period for a year even though she never married she still young .My question is she going on Perimenopause or not if yes what is the treatement ?

Answer: Have her serum FSH done . If it is high, she may have gone into premature menopause.


Hello doctor,I am 25 & my husband 30.Married for last 2.5 yrs.After 1yr of marriage my periods are irregular before that regular.So my doctor told me to do ultrasound & report shows both ovaries shows multiple small follicles.But after 6mts i got pregnant naturally. But at 24 weeks of pregnancy on 16.01.2007 because of internal os open with buldging membrace(incompetant cervix) i had prematured delivery. Baby has not servived.Doctor told me to take 6mts gap. Last month on 30.08.2007 i had HSG test on 10th day of period every thing is normal & ultrasound on 12th day of period report shows the same problem of follicles .I am taking deviry 10mg from 15th to 24th day of period from last 4mts & fertomid 25mg from 2nd to 6th day of period from last month both once a day.My question is before last pregnancy i did not take any tablets for conceiving then why this time doctor gave me fertomid and is it safe to conceive while taking deviry.Because i heard it increases chances of prematured delivery & fertomi

Answer: Sorry to hear about your miscarriage.PCO ( polycystic ovaries remain forever, so do not worry about that. As long as you are ovulating, that is fine. Fertomid has been given to you so that you ovulate regularly, as women with PCO often have infrequent ovulation.Ovulation can be determined by ultrasonography. During your next pregnancy, have an ultrasound done at 12- 13 weeks to check the length of the cervix. This will determine whether you need to take a stitch ( tightening of os ). Also, discuss with your doctor whether you would require uterine relaxants during your next pregnancy. All the best!


I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries. Then my doctor gave me Metformin for 2 month.Now I am pregnant for a month. Now my doctor suggests me to take Folvite,Cobadex CZS and Susten 100. Is this medicines are safe to take during secong month of Pregnancy? Will Susten and Chromium picolinate(250mcg) give side effects in Baby in future? Please clarify my doubts.Thanks in advance.

Answer: Susten is a progesterone tablet . Progesterone deficit does cause threatened abortion or actual abortion, and it's given to many patients who have had abortions in the past.Folvite is fine. Both are safe in pregnancy. I have not used chromium picolinate, so would not be able to comment on it.


I am on depo but i have been feeling sleep an realy lazy this just stared after i had intercourse but i stared feeling like that 2weeks after i had intercourse does this mean i am pregant can u help me out is this normal i been on depo for almost 2years an i never felt like this before

Answer: Depo is not 100 % effective and one can get pregnant while on that. Do a urine test or a blood test for pregnancy . If negative repeat the test every 3 weeks. Also have your hemoglobin checked, as a low value could be associated with tiredness.


Ive never had regular periods since i was young , i got married and we want a baby so they put me on fertomid to ovilate. ive been using it for 2 months now and been spot on with my periods. but mont 3 and i am 1 week late alreay?? is this common using fertomid??

Answer: Did you use fertomid during the last cycle ? Did you ovulate as determined by the scan ? Let me know, so I can advice you further.


I had a D&C on July 10th because my HCG levels were not falling quickly enough, I have had to go in every couple days to get my HCG levels tested, it has been 1 month, my levels are finally down to 406 however the DR wants to keep testing me until they are close to 0 - My question is, Can I get pregnant when my HCG levels are still in the 400's?

Answer: Usually, no, as you would not be ovulating. What was your initial level? Have a scan done to determine whether you have any retained products in the uterus and that you are not ovulating. Also, avoid pregnancy till the level is zero.


I took two home pregnancy tests of different brands this morning. One was an early detection, the other not. One showed a negative, one showed a bold pink line and a very faint pink line. What's up?

Answer: Different tests have different hcg values of detection. Do a blood test - beta hcg which will indicate the level of the hormone. If above 5, you are pregnant. .


Hello, I am 1 or 2 days late for my period. Took a pregnancy test yesterday evening and it was negative. Today I have brown discharge but still no period. I also had a laparoscopy during not my last period, but the one before. I usually have a 27 day cycle. It was a 24 day cycle the period after the laparoscopy and today is day 30. Do you think the discharge is just old blood and I will start my period soon. Or could it be possible I'm pregnant. We are trying to conceive and I have been tracking my periods for a year and a half now, and I have never been late. But I'm wondering if my body is still adjusting after the laparoscopy.

Answer: This could be a scanty period or bleeding during pregnancy. Repeat the test after 3-4 days.


I have being looking for child for about 5yrs but the problem is that I dont know how to calculate my ovulation period and most likely day to have intercourse.I have done some text, I was told I am not producing enough eggs.pls what can i do or tablets to be used, at the moment I was using folic acid, primolut, parlodel, evening primrose oil.l dont know when to have or not to have intercourse.

Answer: I think you need to see a gynec. rather than wait further. Do a scan on day 13 of the period to determine whether you are ovulating.This will also determine your fertile period. Is your prolactin high? If yes, then you need the parlodel. You do not require the primolut or primrose oil now.


Hello Dr, I am 27 yr old and my marriage was on 2006 June.I had faced irregular periods (two times) after my marriage .My gynac prescribed to take glycomet 500mg(0-0-1).Unfortunately I skipped this many times.Two months before I had a miscarriage and my gynec advised me to continue glycomet (1-1-1)up to next pregnacy.Even iam suffering from backpain severly after this D&C.What is the role of this Glycomet during pregnacy and What is the reason for miscarriage.Will it affect my next pregnacy?Could you please help in this matter.

Answer: Do you have PCO ( polycystic ovaries ) ? This is associated with insulin resistance and glycomet is given for that. Some studies have shown that it might help to prevent a miscarriage, while others have not confirmed this. other drugs like progesterone can also help reduce the risk of miscarriage.


Good day. I am 5weeks pregnant i hab a slight brownish in my underwear I consolt a doctor & she ask me to take a duphaston..It is safe for a pregnant women like me?

Answer: Duphaston is safe.


Dear Doctor, from last to months I am having very less bleeding i mean to say bleeding for one day only after then spotting during my menstrual cycles, is there any abnormality, my age is 28 years & I am mother of three year old child & also i am not using any contraceptive method .kindly quide me regarding this problem

Answer: Have a scan done to rule out the presence of an ovarian cyst, which can give scanty periods. if that is normal, have your thyroid hormones checked.


Dear Doctor, I have been undergoing treatment to control my hormones (Thyroid, testestorene). I have taken Thyroxin for thyroid and Aldacton for testestorene). My thyroid TSH has come to .33 but testestorene has gone up from 97 to 150. The Normal range for testestorene is 76 here. my glocouse level is also high doc give me metformin 1500mg par day,doc i m very confused why my testerone gone high after taking aldacton................doc advise me for drilling it is right?

Answer: You probably have PCO (polycystic ovaries ) where the testosterone is high. Drilling may help to reduce the testosterone temporarily, but sometimes there are adhesions formed around the ovaries after drilling, so we usually do not recommend drilling nowadays. Metformin can also reduce the testosterone levels to some extent.


Hello doctor, I just wanted to no about the this tablet primolut..actually iam taking this tablet to stop my periods coz lots of poojas are suppost to be taking place and dont want to miss out on any of th poojas,i normally get my periods on the 16 or 18 i started taking it on the 13th i am taking one in the morning and one at night i just want to no are thr any side effects by this tablet..i had a urinary tract infection 2 months back is it ok for me to take this tablet. I would be taking this tablet for 12 days pls let me no it its ok for me to take this tablet...

pls let me no if its ok to take the tablets alternate days or just one tablet at night as i feel this table is making me feel too low.. thanks

Answer: You have to take it everyday- twice a day to prevent bleeding. It is o.k. to take it once in a while. However, ensure that you do not get pregnant while taking it. It can cause nausea and giddiness- which is making you feel "low".


Thanks for answering my questions. But I have some more to ask. I had asked you about my periods during which I have bleeding for 4 days. On the 2nd I have heavy bleeding. Then it reduces and on the 5th day it stops and then again on the 6th and 7th day i have some spotting and then on the 8th day it gradually stops with light brown discharge and then clear discharge from the 9th or 10th day. This pattern is so regular that i can write it down without change. You said this is within normal variation. I repeated my pap smear on the 9th day after my periods and it shows normal results with only mild inflamation nad no mailgnancy.I did sonography in May after the period on the 7th day . The report was normal with endometrial echo of 5mm. Is this normal. 2 days before the period the endometrial thickening was shown in the ultrasound. Someone told me that endometrial me above 10 mm can be cancerous. My uterus is bulky as i have had 2 deliveries c-sections. I am really worried about cancer of

Answer: Do a scan on the 5th day of the periods and let me know the thickness of the endometrium then. The thickness changes during the cycle and is least after a period and increases before a period. A thickness of above 10 on day 5 would need further tests, but is only suggestive of cancer in a menopausal woman, where the endometrium is usually thin. The thickness of your endometrium was 5mm on day 7 , so that seems fine. Do you have fibroids ?


Hi i was on the depo provera shot for a year and a half i stopped taing it in march of this year,but i still have not had a period i get the cramps and period pains but nothing.i went to see my gp but he told me to wait till march next year then go back but i we are trying for another baby is there anything i can take or do with no side effects thanks

Answer: You should have got a period by now. Do a prolactin blood test. If that is normal, take duphaston tablets - one tablet twice a day for 5 days to get a period. Then, check on ultrasound whether you are ovulating or not on day 12 of the period. let me know the results, so I can advice you further.


I am 24 and found out I am PCOS even though I have a regular period. I have started taking metformin 500mg 3 times daily however my period is due and it is not here. Can metformin delay my period? and why do i feel s sick with it

Answer: Metformin does cause nausea. Do a urine test for pregnancy. If negative, take duphaston tablets - one tablet twice a day for 5 days to get a period. Are you ovulating ? Check on ultrasound whether you are ovulating or not on day 12 of the period. Let me know the results, so I can advice you further.


I have been diagnosed to have nabothian cyst.for the past 2 years i have a itching problem .all the blood results were normal, except blood protein level was on the higher side of the expected the itching due to the cyst?

Answer: Is the itching only on the vulva ? There maybe cervical or vaginal infection which is associated with vulval itching. The nabothian cysts usually do not need treatment, but can be treated by cauterisation of the cervix.


I have been cramping for about a week and a half maybe a little longer or maybe a little less. I'm not supposed to start my period for another 7 days though. Also i noticed two nights ago that i was spotting, which has never happened to me before. i am faithfully on birth control. I had a pap smear done yesterday and the doctor said that it looked like i was starting my period early, but i don't ever start my period early and that was over 36 hours ago and still i only have brown light light spotting. I asked him what was going on and he never gave me a clear answer. My breasts are also tender, but it seems like my breasts are tender alot. what to do? Coult i be pregnant?

Answer: If your pill was not taken at the right time, you could have spotting.The cramping could be due to the uterus contracting associated with the spotting. have an ultrasound done to rule out the presence of a fibroid or an ovarian cyst. Also, a pelvic examination would reveal whether you have vaginal or cervical infection which can give rise to the spotting.


1. If unprotected intercourse is done at infertility time then can i be pregent .....
2. After having unprotected intercourse with my husband.. i go and wash my vigna with dettol or sopa .. to prevent the pregence .. can it really help me ... that i cant be pregent ...

Answer: It is difficult to predict the infertile period as it changes from person to person and in the same person during different cycles. You must use an oral contraceptive pill to avoid a pregnancy as it is the most reliable method. Check with your gynec. that you do not have any contra- indications to the pill.


I was diagnosed with genital warts and had them cauterised. A few days later i noticed a new lot of warts had come up in the same place. Firstly why am i getting these warts and is there no way to get rid of them. i am 32 years old. Married.

Answer: Unfortunately, warts can recur and the smaller ones must have become bigger. You would need to treat these again.


Dear madam i am mini i am married in 2006 from the 6 th month of my marriage iam getting irregular periods first 50 days my period dnt come i went to a doctor she checked for hormone test. she told that all my hormonal level is normal and she prescribed some contraceptive pills to regularise periods but i am not comfortable with that .After that i used modus tab to get my periods again next month my periods came twice in a month after that some two months came agian i used modus to get my periods why this is happening i am not able to understand can you please tell me a solution for getting regular periods. Because of irregular period is there any problem to get pregnency.can you please suggest me something.

Answer: Do you wish to conceive now or only regularise your periods? Do you have PCO ( polycysic ovaries ) ? Let me know , so I can advice you further.


I hava varginal candida yeast infections for 2 years ever since I gave birth to my first kid. Had been to 2 gynaes and GP for treatment. However can't help me in getting rid of the yeast infection. what should I do? My hubby also consume few courses of sporanox.

Answer: Have a vaginal smear and culture and sensitivity test done on the vaginal secretions. There might be associated bacterial or trichomonial infection which would require treatment.


We have a 7 months baby & the problem is we had unsafe sex & my wife is not getting periods so i am afraid whether she has conceived its already nearly one & half month her last period was on 26-06-2007 till know no periods even i had given her Famopolin-B Tablet acccording to suggestion of my friend what to do? Is there any other tablets from which she can have normal periods help me.

Answer: Irregular periods may occur if she is breast- feeding. Do a urine test to check whether she is pregnant or not. if not, she can take duphaston tablets - one tablet twice a day for 5 days to get a period. Also, I would advice you'll to use some contraceptive method to avoid this "mental tension " every month !


I have an irregular period and I want to know if progyluton can get it regular. I miss my period every other month or two.My doctor advise me that clomid is not the best way to go seeing that I only miss one or two periods. I have not taken any measures yet other than progyluton, because I am ready for a child now. Please tell me if I am on the right track.

Answer: Progyluton would regularise the period while you are taking it. However, if you wish to conceive, clomid will help you ovulate, and not progyluton.


Hello doctor, I m 30yr old with pcos and have a child of 5 yrs old .I want to get pregnant for the 2nd time what are the chances for me to get pregnant .i was concieved easily for the first time.another thing is my blood group is -ve and i had a boy with +ve blood group. Doctor gave me immunoglobin injection but i m not sure it was before 72 hrs of delivery or can u pls explain me the possibilities of getting pregnant now and the risks and the care to be taken.thanks in advance.

Answer: Usually the anti- d injection would be given within 72 hours of delivery, so you do not need to worry about that. Regarding conceiving, are you ovulating? Do an ultrasound on day 12 of the period to determine that. If you are not, you might need to take clomid tablets. All the best !

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